In the summer, the team was very active in the transfer market, and this led to the fact that the club had a number of new players. Among them are:
* Marco Verratti;
* Gianluigi Buffon;
* Gianluberto Grassi;
* Matteo Genduzi.
The club also signed a number new players, which will help the team to improve its results. However, it is worth highlighting the fact the team has some problems in the domestic arena.

In particular, the club has a number problems in Serie A, where the team is far from the leaders. In the last season, the results of the team were not so good, and the team lost a lot of points.
It is worth noting that the team had a great start, and after that, the situation began to deteriorate. The team has a lot to do, because it is still far from being the champion.
Who will win the championship this year?
The team is still not in the best shape, and it is obvious that it will not be able to compete with the leaders of the championship. The main problem of the club is the lack of motivation, which is reflected in the fact it is far away from the Champions League zone.
However, the players are very motivated, and they are ready to do their best to win the title. It is worth mentioning that the players of the main team are very experienced, and many of them have won the Champions Cup.
In general, the main thing for the team this season is to improve the results in the Serie A. It will be very difficult to win gold medals, because the team will have to play against a number teams that are much stronger.
Will the team be able not to lose points?
It seems that the situation in the Italian championship is not so bad, and there is a good chance that the results will improve. The club has many new players who will help it to improve results, and in the future, the fans will see a lot more from the team.
You can always follow the results on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will always find the latest information about the Italian Serie A and other tournaments.
How to follow the Serie a results?
Now, it’s much easier to follow Serie a news, because now you can do it on the sports statistics website. Here you can find the results for the Italian Championship, as well as other tournaments, such as the Europa League.
This season, Juventus is in the leading position of the Serie. The players of this team have a lot in common, because they have the same coach, the same squad and the same main goal.
Juventus has a good start in the championship, and now it is very difficult for the club to lose ground. The fans can see that the season is very interesting, and we’ll see a great performance from the Turin team. It’d be great to see the club in the Champions’ League zone, because this is the club’ best chance to win a place in the top-4 of the European football.
Where to find the information about Serie a?
You should always visit the website where you can always find information about other tournaments and sports. Here the information is updated in real time, and you can follow the development of events on the field.
Now it� is much easier for fans to follow events in the world of Serie a. Thanks to this, they will be able, not only to follow their favorite teams, but also to follow all the news from the world.
What are the chances of Juventus to win it all?
This year, the Turinese team is very active, and its main goal is to win all the tournaments. The coach of the players is the same, and so is the squad. It has a great potential, and if the team manages to improve their results, it will be a real surprise for the fans.
If the team doesn’t win all tournaments, it won’ t be the first team from Turin to do it. The previous year, it was the team from Napoli, and even though the club was not in a good shape, it managed to win two Champions” Cups.
There are many more matches ahead, and Juventus will have a great chance to improve itself. The Turineses players are ready, and their main goal for the season will be to win their first title.
Follow the results from the Serie ”A” on the site of sports information. Here all the latest news are updated in live mode, and here you will find the schedule of upcoming matches.
Football results today
The football season is in full swing, and fans from all over the world are waiting for the results. It’s easy to follow football results today on the football results website.
Many top football clubs are participating in the tournament, and among them are the following:
1. Juventus. The Italian team has the best chance of winning the title, because its main rivals are very strong. The following teams are the main competitors of the Turinese team:
· Milan;
· Inter;
● Roma;
• Napoli;
2. Inter.

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