The season of the Italian championship has started, and it promises to be interesting. The main contenders for the title are the teams from the lower divisions. The first matches of the season will be held on the international arena, and we will see the confrontation of the main favorites of the championship.
The main contenders of the title in Italy are:
* Juventus;
* Inter;
β€’ Napoli.
In the current season, the Turin club is the most obvious favorite. The Bianco-Neri have been the leaders of the standings for a long time, and they are always ready to fight for the gold medals.
Inter, on the other hand, has been in the middle of the tournament table for a while, but in recent years it has been able to make a comeback. The team of Antonio Conte has been performing well, and the team is able to win the title.
Napoli is a team that has not been in good shape for a few years, but it is still able to fight in the fight for gold medals, too.

The upcoming season promises to please fans with a lot of interesting matches, and this is why the fans of Italian football should not miss the opportunity to watch the games.
All the schedule of the upcoming season
The new season of Italian championship promises to bring a lot to the fans, and many of them are ready to make bets on the outcome of the matches. The upcoming season will bring a new round of the Europa League, as well as the return of the Serie A.
This year, the Serie is back to its previous format, which means that the top-4 will be decided in the playoffs. The new season promises a lot for the fans. The tournament table is quite simple, and there is only one team in the top 4, which is Juventus. The Turin team is the main favorite of the current championship, and its performance in the Serie has been quite good.
However, the team has not always been able not to win gold medals in the tournament. The last time it was in the semifinals was in 2002, and in the next season the team was defeated by Milan.
Another interesting fact about the upcoming Serie A is the return to the Europa league. The previous season, it was not possible to participate in the Europa tournament due to the financial crisis in Italy.
Now, the tournament will be played on the Italian national arena, which will allow the fans to watch it. The teams that will participate in this tournament are: Milan, Roma, Inter, and Torino.
Fans can follow the results of the games on the website of sports statistics, where they will find the schedule and results of matches.
Main favorites of Serie A
The Italian championship is a serious tournament, and fans can expect a lot from it. This is why it is so important to follow the schedule, as it will allow them to make the most of the opportunities that the season presents.
Juventus is the favorite of Serie a for a number of reasons. First of all, the club has a good lineup, which allows it to make quick substitutions. The second reason is the fact that the team always has a reliable goalkeeper.
It is worth noting that the club is not in the best shape, and for this reason it is not able to compete with the leaders. However, it is also worth noting the fact the it is the second favorite of Italian championships, after Juventus.
Milan is another team that is able not only to compete against the leaders, but also to win. The club has been the main contender for the champion title for a very long time. It is worth mentioning that the last time the team won the title was in 1990.
At the moment, the Milan team is in the first position of the table, and although it is far from the leaders in the standings, it has a chance to improve its position.
Roma is another club that is capable of winning the title, but the current situation of the team does not allow it to do so.
You can follow all the results on the sports statistics website. Here, the information is updated in real time, which makes it possible to follow all events.
Teams’s chances of winning
The current season promises not only interesting matches for fans, but for the teams as well. The current leaders of Italian Championship are: Juventus, Inter and Milan. The latter is a club that has been around for a really long time and has a lot experience in the domestic arena.
Despite the fact it is in a bad shape, the fans can still count on the fact they will be able to watch a lot interesting matches. They will be the main contenders to win a place in the Champions League zone.
One of the most interesting matches of Serie will be on the home arena of Milan, where the team will play against Roma. The fans can follow this match on the site of sports statistic, where all the information about the game is updated.
Also, the schedule will be very interesting, as the team of Allegri has a difficult season ahead. The coach has to face the main rivals of the club, as Juventus and Milan, and he needs to find a solution to this problem.

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