Watch free stream of Oriente Petrolero vs Bolivar. You can watch the live score of the game, as well as the detailed statistics of the confrontations.
The first match of the new season of the Bolivarian Championship saw the team of Antonio Mohamed beat the team from the capital of Venezuela, the Petroleros. The game was held in the first half of the tournament, and the score was 0:0. The second half of this match was more interesting, as the team won again.
Oriente Petroliero is the first champion of the South America, and it is not surprising that the team was able to win this tournament. The main stars of the team are:
* Carlos Tevez;
* Juan Román Riquelme;
* Rodrigo Palacio;
* Luis Norton.
* The team has a good selection of players, which allows them to play in any team.
You can always follow the results of the matches of the championship on the website of sports statistics.
In the middle of the season, the team is not very confident, and this is why the matches with the Petrolieros are always interesting.
Teams’ Prospects in the Second Half of the Season
The second half will be very important for the teams, as they have to fight for the places in the top-4. The teams have already played in the playoffs, and they will have to decide who will play in the next stage.
This season, many players left the team, and many of them are not able to play at the same time. The team will have a difficult time in the second half, as it will have only one star, who is not able play in all matches.
However, the teams’ prospects are good, as there are a lot of interesting matches ahead. The fans can follow the events on the site of sports information.
Live scores of the games of the Primera
The Primera is coming to an end, and there are still a lot to be played. The first matches of this season were very interesting, and we can expect a lot more from the teams.
Among the most interesting confrontations were those of the teams from the same league. The Primera saw the first confrontation between the teams of the same level. The confrontation was very tense, and after a long time, the final score was 2:1.
One of the main stars in the game of the Petrolleros was Rodrigo Palacios, who scored the first goal of the match. The other goal was scored by Carlos Teveza.
After the match, the fans were able to see the results on the Internet portal of sports events. The most interesting matches were:
1. “Monterrey” vs “Tecat”. The match was held on the first matchday, and both teams had a good start. However, the second match was much more interesting. The score was 1:0, and Tevez scored the second goal.
2. ”Monterreys” versus “River Plate” on the second day. The confrontations lasted for a long period, and then the team managed to win. The final score of this game was 2-1. The best scorer of the “Rivarol” was Luis Norton, who managed to score three goals.
3. The “Cortina” against “Barcelona” in the last match. This game was played on the last day of the competition, and on this day, the score of 2:0 was achieved. The players of the Catalans were very nervous, and even after the first minutes, the game became more tense.
4. “Cortinas” versus ”Barcelona” on the final matchday. The Catalans managed to get the result, but the game was very interesting. In the first minute, the Catalons managed to break the defense of the opponents. In this case, the goal was not scored, but it was a good result.
5. Teams’ matches of “Atlético” and “Sevilla”, as a result of which the teams were able not to finish the tournament in the same place.
All the results can be found on the sports statistics website.
Main Intrigues of the Second Stage of the Championship
The main intrigue of the second stage of the Copa Libertadores was the fight for places in top-8. The following teams were in the race for the position:
• “Monterroes”;
• “Espanyol’s”;
• “Barcelona”;
There were also a lot chances for the team “Real” to get into the top 8. The club is in the middle, and if it manages to get to the top 4, it will be able to fight with the leaders.
At the same stage, the main intrigue was the struggle for places on the European Cup. The ‘Real’ team has not won the cup for a number of years, and its fans are not happy with this.

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