The season of the Italian championship is coming to an end. The main contenders for the title are the teams of the Serie A. The teams that are fighting for the champion title are:
* Juventus;
* Lazio;
* Napoli.
The last time the teams met in Serie A was in the season 2000. The match was played between the teams from Turin and Napoli, and the outcome of the game was a draw.
In the current season, the teams are fighting against each other for the first place in the standings. The first matches of the championship have already shown that the teams have a lot of problems. The team of Juventus is in a bad shape, and it is not the only one. The other teams are also in a state of crisis.

The main goal of the teams is to finish in the top-4 of the standings, which will allow them to get a ticket to the Champions League zone. The last time Juventus won the Champions Cup was in 1993. The club won the cup for the second time in a row.
It is clear that the team will have to do its best to win the title. The players of the team have to improve their game, and they have to get used to the pressure of the Champions league.
You can always find the latest information about the matches of Serie A on the website of sports statistics. Here, you can find out the results of the matches, as well as the statistics of the games.
EPL table: who will be the main favorites of the new season?
The new season of English football has begun, and we can already say that it will be a very interesting one. There are a lot more interesting confrontations than the one of the English Premier League.
This season, there are a number of interesting matches that will be held in the new EPL table. The most interesting are:
1. The fight for the Champions title.
2. The confrontation between the clubs from the top and the bottom of the table.
3. The struggle for places in the Champions zone.
4. The battle for the places in Europa League zone and the fight for places at the first division.
All of them are very important for the future of the clubs in the Premier League table. If you look at the EPL tables, you will see that the clubs that have a good start in the championship are the ones that are able to improve it.
What are the main goals of the main contenders of the title?
This year, the main goal for the teams that want to win a place in Europe is to get into the Champions’ League zone, which is the most prestigious club tournament in the world. The top teams in the EFL Championship table are: Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United.
However, the most interesting teams are: Everton, Tottenham, Leicester, Arsenal and Manchester United, who are the favorites of this season.
Of course, the first two teams are the most likely to win gold medals, but the last two teams can also win the Champions trophy.
Who will be their main competitors?
Of the teams, the one that can be considered the main competitor of the top teams is Liverpool. The Reds have a very good squad, and this is a good chance for them to win their first champion title. However, the team needs to improve its game, especially in the defense.
At the same time, the club is very strong in the attack, and if the team has a good game, it can be a real trump card for it. The following teams can be the rivals of the Liverpool:
1) Manchester United;
2) Chelsea;
3) Everton;
4) Tottenham Hotspurs.
If Liverpool is the main contender of the Epl table, then the teams can count on a good fight for gold medals.
Where can the teams be the strongest?
In general, the strongest teams are in the middle of the league table. This is a result of the fact that the top clubs have a number 1 and 2 clubs. This allows them to focus on the matches against weaker teams.
For example, the following teams are strong:
· Arsenal;
· Chelsea;
· Liverpool;
The teams that can fight for a place at the top of the Premier league table are the following:
• Manchester City;
• Tottenham Hotspot;
Manchester United; ​​Manchester United. (Manchester United is the only team that has not won the Premier lite championship in the last 4 years.)
The clubs that can challenge the top 4 are: Aston Villa, Everton, Manchester City and Tottenham.
Will the teams play in the Europa League?
Yes, the Europa league is back. The tournament is held every two years, and each team has to play against the team from the best league in the Old Continent.
There are a few teams that have already won the tournament. The best of them is:
● Manchester United (3rd place in Europa league in 2002);
● Chelsea (2nd place in 2002).
However it is the teams who are not in the best shape that can win the Europa tournament.

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